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Hello! We are Jakal and Sarah Eve! Some of you may know us! We have been in the escape room community for quite some time, but just started to get more involved in the last 2 years. We are the owners at Kingdom Escape Games and created the mobile Wndrbox games. Recently, we realized that people in our industry can probably use help. Lots of people want to open escape rooms, host an escape room party, or create something that might be over their heads, and we are here to make it happen! One big thing we hear constantly is that it will cost too much to have outside help design something, or come create a set, and we want to change that for the industry. We would like to offer affordable help to people that need it. Whether that is installing a whole game or finding someone to paint your ceiling tiles for you, we want to make it easy to get things done. Some people just don't know how to find what it is they are looking for, and we can help with that as well! We are the Lost Keys you have been looking for! Contact us today for a free consultation on any project you may have!

Lets Get Started!
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